Kristen S.

We've had Magoo's twice and it's about time I write a review! We are fortunate enough to live close to Lafayette Road / Lafayette Square because that means we have access to some of the best food Indy has to offer! Magoo's California Pizza is definitely a top pick for us!

We ordered the cheesy bread and Chicken Tikka Pizza twice ... and you MUST MUST MUST get the garlic sauce! This is probably the best pizza I have ever had ... the flavors EXPLODE in your mouth and the garlic sauce is just the perfect addition to the pizza. I haven't had chicken tikka with red sauce but given the reviews I saw prior to our first trip there, I had to go with garlic and I'll never change that!

Becka K.

BEST PIZZA ever. Enough said, but since I strongly recommend, I'll say a little more. My favorite is the chicken tikka pizza with garlic sauce and I like to make it spicy. Their wings (spicy) are really good, just remember to bring your own blue cheese dip if you like both ranch and BC. The jalapeño cheese bread is really scrumptious too. I'm sure that anything I get here will blow your socks off, too. I will remain a loyal customer to Magoo's, and I hope they expand more than the two locations they have so far!

Lauren M.

Best pizza in town with multiple levels of spicing. They have some fusion pizzas that you can't find anywhere else. I'm a regular and love the Chicken tikka pizza!

Zeeshan S.

Heard a lot of hype about this place so I had to stop on our way from Chicago to Dayton and it was the perfect pit stop. The pizza is delicious and very reasonably priced. Crispy crust and quality toppings. The meat lovers, chicken tikka, and Chapli kebab pizza were all amazing. The best part is that everything is Zabiha Halal. If you're ever in the area or driving through Indy, you need to stop here!

MoMo K.

We stopped here on the way to Chicago because of the Yelp Reviews. The pizza here is amazing! They have the option of garlic sauce instead of regular pizza sauce. My friends loved the Garlic sauce (what makes them unique), I liked the pizza sauce better (You have the option of getting half and half). All their food is ZABIHA halal. We only got the pizza so can't comment on the other food... well pretty much everyone at the other tables got pizza.

The restrooms were clean, the entire place was really clean. It's just not really fancy if that's what you're looking for. If you are from Chicago, it looks like Ghareeb nawaz but much much cleaner. It seems like it's more tailored for carry out, but they have plenty of tables inside. I feel like any place that lacks in dining experience makes up for it with above average food (like this place).

Sunny I.

One of the best pizzas i have ever eaten. The veggie pizza is all indian style. They put an amazing pizza sauce which has jalapeno and garlic in it. It is quite spicy and satisfied my taste buds completely. Also try the jalapeno garlic bread with cheese. Will be worth it! The owner is extremely sweet and a jovial person.

Joseph M.

This has to be my favorite pizza spot in Indy. Granted, the environmental energy is a bit weird and there's usually always a wait--but do not be discouraged, the pizza is worth it! I'm quick to reference my friends to Magoo's anytime they mention pizza.